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Bug#341203: tuareg-mode: function line-number definition is void

Package: tuareg-mode
Version: 1.45.0-beta3-1
Severity: normal

I found definitions scan in tuareg-mode sometimes failed for some time now. In 
tuareg.el, lines 3296-8:

      (if scan-error
	  (message "Parse error when scanning definitions: line %s!"

but the function 'line-number' cannot be found in a normal emacs installation, 
including both Emacs 21.4a and Emacs snapshot available in Debian sid. I've 
already have elib, emacs-goodies-el and cedet-common installed.

Scanning 'gdome.mli' if 'libgdome2-ocaml-dev' is installed will reproduce the 



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