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Bug#322341: Borken implementation of the fancyvrb package in text output (at least)

Package: hevea
Version 1.07-4
Tags: upstream


I try to convert a document (some documentation within the quilt package) which
prolog contains \usepackage{fancyvrb} and then this in the body:

work/ -+- ...
       |- patches/ -+- series
       |            |- patch2.diff
       |            |- patch1.diff
       |            +- ...
       +- .pc/ -+- applied-patches
                |- patch1.diff/ -+- ...
                |- patch2.diff/ -+- ...
                +- ...

Neither the text output not the html one are perfectly satisfying. 

The text output fails with a bunch of:
 Warning: Command not found: \Verbatim

while the html output does center it. It must be due to the fact that the
Verbatim environment is included within a figure.

Bye, Mt.

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