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dpatch-edit-patch && svn-buildpackage

On Mon, May 30, 2005 at 08:54:59PM +0200, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> Concerning *-editpatch: I do not know about anything analoguous
> for svn-buildpackage, but it would certainly be useful. On the

dpatch-edit-patch works with svn-buildpackage and the layout proposed by
Ralf. If you use dpatch version in unstable you can do (from the trunk/
dir of one package):

  dpatch-edit-patch --debianonly=../upstream/<foo.orig.tar.gz> patch bla

Unfortunately you've to specify orig.tar.gz name. Alternatively you can
use the dpatch-get-origtargz patched with the patch I sent to the BTS
(see #315719): it will find the tarball in ../upstream. BTW you don't
need to patch dpatch-get-origtargz itself, just copy it somewhare, patch
it and add to your ~/.dpatch.conf something like:


After the patch you can simply invoke dpatch-edit-patch as follows:

  dpatch-edit-patch -b patch bla

(where -b is the short version of --debianonly)

> On the other hand it would be even better to have your script
> integrated in the svn-buildpackage package, such that everybody in
> debian can profit from it. This is one of the advantages of using
> standard tools.

Indeed :-)

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