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Re: How to cope with bad package

On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 16:18 +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> 'Build-Conflict: ocaml (== version) [amd64]' I believe. You just have
> to hope the next upload fixes the problem.

Here's is a reason to switch to Ocaml as a programming language:
copied from the ocaml mailing list:

Yes, PR#3640 is an AMD64-specific code generation bug.  It occurs in
the uncommon case where a leaf function (a function that doesn't call
other functions except as a tail-call) accesses a parameter passed on
the stack (not in registers).  As a rule of thumb, if your tail
functions have fewer than 9 arguments, you're safe.

The bug is fixed in the CVS repository, 3.08 bug-fix branch.

- Xavier Leroy

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