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Re: Build-Recommends

  [People from debian-ocaml-mail, please keep -mentors CC'ed.]

* John Skaller [Sun, 12 Jun 2005 16:27:21 +1000]:
> I could use a 'build-recommends' dependency, 
> but  I understand 'recommends'
> is only available for the binary package, not the source.
> Is this correct?

> The situation: the packaging machine requires 'ocaml'
> to make binaries from my source package, but if 
> 'ocaml-native-compilers' is also installed it will
> do so faster, however that package is not available
> on all architectures.

> This isn't an essential feature, but here is a case,
> possibly isolated, where it could be useful.

  Normally, one resolves this and similar situations like this:

    Build-Depends: ocaml-native-compilers [!m68k !mips !mipsel !s390], 
                   ocaml [m68k mips mipsel s390]

  Where m68k, mips, mipsel and s390 are the architectures that don't
  have ocaml-native-compilers (I not 100% that the list is correct or
  complete). This, as you can imagine, instructs the buildds to install
  one package or the other depending on the architecture the package is
  being built for.

  *BUT*, checking build-dependencies of ocaml packages I don't really
  see that being used, which makes me suspect there's perhaps another
  mechanism in place to solve this in the Ocaml world in Debian. :)

  I'm CC'ing debian-ocaml-maint so that somebody there can clear up the
  issue for us. John, you may want to post there in the future for
  ocaml-related questions (or search the archives), since there'll be
  more ocaml-specific knowledge there than in debian-mentors.

> [There is a related problem, see next email please]

  See you there. :)


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