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Bug#311274: tuareg-mode: doesn't install in xemacs21

On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 10:38:08AM +0200, Meik Hellmund wrote:
> Ralf Treinen <treinen@free.fr> writes:
> > I cannot reproduce the error, on my machine tuareg-mode installs fine
> > with xemacs21. Comparing the log of your installation to what I get on
> > my machine there is one line which looks strange to me:
> >
> >>   Compiling
> >>   /usr/share/xemacs21/site-lisp/tuareg-mode/camldebug-tuareg.el...
> >>   Loading tuareg... (file tuareg.el is newer)
> Sorry, this seems to be misleading. Perhaps I tried to often to install this
> package. After purging tuareg-mode and re-installing, the 
> "file tuareg.el is newer" message no longer appears, but the problem is 
> still there:

> I googled a bit and found that sml-mode had the same problem, bug #286190,
> fixed in sml-mode 4.0-2. It is mule-related. 
> I have both xemacs21-mule and xemacs21-nomule installed. 

The problem is rather xmemacs21-nomule. If /etc/alternatives/xemacs21
points to /usr/bin/xemacs21-mule then the error does not occur. 
However, the error occurs when I have /etc/alternatives/xemacs21
point to  /usr/bin/xemacs21-nomule.

Thanks for the hint. I'll upload a patched package right away.


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