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CDuce package


Today, I have tried to make the Debian package for CDuce

In fact, it's not very easy, because the Ocaml interface for CDuce needs
the Ocaml sources and their compiled version in order to be built. This
issue has already been discussed in a previous thread
http://lists.debian.org/debian-ocaml-maint/2004/04/msg00132.html (thanks
to smimou for pointing this out to me on IRC).

Apparently, a solution was found, but I don't know if it's already
implemented or not. If not, is anybody working on it ?

Anyway, even without this, I've tried to build the CDuce package using a
very hackish way : debian/rules calls a small shell script that
download/uncompress/configure/build the Ocaml compiler (ocaml-source
package cannot be used since it's not buildable).

The Ocaml compiler seems to build correctly, but when I reach the
compilation of CDuce ocaml interface, I get the following error :

make[1]: Entering directory `/home/thomas/demexp/cduce-0.2.2/ocamliface'
Build cmi2ml
File "cmi2ml.ml", line 2, characters 11-29:
Unbound value Env.read_signature

(Stefano, for the moment, I am trying to build cduce without expat and
curl. Later, we can try to use your expat and curl packages to add such

Any idea ?


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