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Re: Processing of coq_8.0pl2-1_i386.changes

For now the libs are still built on different archs because it was the quickest way to have a working package (sarge is comming) and because it's a good test to know if the new version of Coq is working well. I'll try to prepare a package which does not build those libs for next upload. Anyway, the arch: all is still a good thing since it saves much space on the Debian mirrors.



BTW: I'm also considering dropping coqtop.byte and coqide.byte from the package on native archs since they are quite big, unless someone objects to it.

Claudio Sacerdoti Coen wrote:
 Just a curiosity: now that the two libs packages are "Architecture: all",
 are the libraries compiled on every arch (and uploaded by just one
 architecture) or are they compiled and uploaded only by the fastest machine?


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