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Re: Transition to ocaml 3.08

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 11:36:29AM +0200, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> Hi,
> after a forced change of my internet provider, followed by almost 4 weeks
> of travels, I am back now (at least for the momemt). I see that ocaml 3.08
> is out. Is there anything particlar to observe for the trasition, or
> do we just bump up the dependency, recompile, and upload? What about
> the additional splitting of the base package?

The splitting of the base package should have no influence, and was already
used for some time in 3.07 prior to the 3.08 upload.

If there is no major incompatibility (mostly due to the camlp4 line counter
stuff i hear), it should be a transparent upgrade. lablgtk2 was rebuilt for
gtk 2.4 though, and may have some incidence.

For non-x packages, like camlzip, i moved the dependencies to the -nox
paackages, so you should do the same as needed.

Apart from that, everything should be fine, we just need a rebuild as fast as
possible kind of migration, but apart from the various vacations of everyone,
i am confident that this will happen fast.

If someone is willing to do a ocamlfind NMU until Stefano comes back, maybe
this will be a good idea though.

Also, be aware that there is some heavy discussion on debian-legal about the
freeness of the QPL, which could mean that ocaml will be kicked out of main.
Ignore Brian though if you go there, as he is full of bullshit, and has a
vested interest in the discussion.


Sven Luther

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