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Re: RFS: headache, ocamlgsl, ocamlgraph, ocamldap, cameleon, camomile

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 12:33:59AM +0100, Sylvain LE GALL wrote:
> Hello all,
> Well as usual, i come to ask for kind uploaders. The following package
> are prepared to be uploaded :

Could someone else do the sponsoring ? I don't have time for it this

> I also need help on camomile. The package is pretty big ( 5 Mo ) and
> contains a lot of file in /usr/share/, but since it is in compiled form,
> i don't know wether or not it is arch independent or not ( i think so,
> but i have only a i386 arch ). If someone could try to compile and send

If they are compiled bytecode, that is ok. you can run file on them, to
be sure to knwo what they exactly are.

If they are indeed arch: all, then consider putting them into a -common
or whatever package, and have it be arch: all, so as to spare around
50Mo in the archives.


Sven Luther

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