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Re: [xavier.leroy@inria.fr: [Caml-list] Objective Caml 3.07 final release]

On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 05:21:30PM +0200, Jérôme Marant wrote:
> Quoting Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>:
> > > It's going to be very difficult to get everything migrated for
> > > 15th october. But Colin Watson said we can try since ocaml is in
> > > a releasable state in sarge.
> > 
> > Why ? We did that for Ocaml 3.06 -> 3.06-1 transition, but i understand
> > that there may be some upstream issues of the corresponding ocaml
> > depending packages this time.
> It is a matter of timeline mainly.

Mmm, i am not sure i understand you here, what are you saying this about
exactly ? For me at least, most of the packages will be ready, i guess
Stefano will also be ready, at least for his libraries. The mayor
problem will be with upstreams who are not ready for this deadline,
which is why i asked all of you to investigate with your upstreams what
the situation was going to be a few week ago, but nobody seemed to care.


Sven Luther

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