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Re: libdir transition.

On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 06:20:33PM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> Ok, ...
> I have made preliminary 3.06-13 packages available at :
> ftp://lambda.u-strasbg.fr/debian
> They don't yet contain the new ocaml_packaging_policy document, but
> apart from that, they should be the definitive new libdir packages, so
> you can all already download it and install it and work on adapting your
> packages.
> I think i will upload the definitive package tomorrow.

Damn damn and damn, ...

i just tried installing ocaml-base-3.06-13, and it worked, altough i had
lablgl installed, which depends on ocaml-base-3.06, and this is no more
provided by any package. I tried then reinstalling liblablgl-ocaml, and
there it worked, complaining about not finding ocaml-base-3.06.

So we are facing a bug in dpkg, which will happily upgrade a package
without checking for virtual dependencies. I will go fill a bug against
dpkg, but have not much hope it will change a thing.

with a bit of luck, apt-get is more advanced here, i will do some test.


Sven Luther

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