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ensemble and lablglut.

Hello, ...

Today new versions of the lablglut and ensemble package where announced
on the caml list.

I don't think any of them is already packaged (i didn't find anything
with apt-cache).

I plan to maybe package lablglut, which will go well with my
lablgtk/lablgl packages, but don't think i will have the time to work on
On the same time, i have the impression that ensemble is a rather good
candidate for debian packaging, it is goodly maintained, an impresive
piece of ocaml software, if i can trust the recomendations for it on the
ocaml lists.

Does anyone here have more opinion on this ?

Maybe we need fresh developpers, maybe it would be good to fill a
request for package for these things, or go recruiting in debian-mentors
or something such.

Anyway, good start of the week to all of you.


Sven Luther

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