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ocaml-doc 3.04-4 ready to upload ...

Hello, ...

The new ocaml-doc 3.04-4 package, now maintained by Remi Vanicat is now ready
to be uploaded and already available at ftp://lambda.u-strasbg.fr/debian.

There seem to be a problem with the upload queues, so i will upload this
package together with the new advi package when this problem is fixed, i hope
tomorrow morning.

Anwyay here is the changelog entry :

Source: ocaml-doc
Version: 3.04-4
Maintainer: Vanicat Rémi <vanicat@labri.fr>
Changed-By: Vanicat Rémi <vanicat@labri.fr>
 ocaml-doc  - Documentation for Objective Caml and Camlp4
 ocaml-doc (3.04-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * New debian maintainer
   * Split doc-base file
   * Move to non-free
   * Change the copyright file to the copyright of the documentation
   * remove FAQs (their license prohibit their redistribution)
   * corrected the examples                                                     

Notice that ocaml-dco will now go into non free, as it should have been since
the begining, and the FAQ will have been removed also.


Sven Luther

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