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Re: license requirements for a book to be in free section

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 07:50:30PM +0100, Sven wrote:
> Well, i think they grant the right to distribute it in electornic form, ity is
> just for the printed version that they don't want to give permission, thing
> that i consider normal for a book publisher.
> It still is DFSG non-free, but then i guess the DFSG was not written with
> these things in mind, and clarification of what we want to allow or not is
> needed.

I also need comment on this by the debian-legal guys.

I received another mail from O'Reilly editors saying exactly this: they
allow redistribution, even if commercial, in electronic form, but they
don't allow cmomercial redistribution of printed copies.

Are you (all) sure that this makes the package non DFSG compliant?
I've still the doubt because I don't know if this kind of restriction
can be considered a "field of endeavor" (probably I have this problem
because I don't know the exact translation in Italian of this


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