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new ocaml (3.04-2) packages vailable for testing

I have new ocaml 3.04-2 packages available for testing at :


i have :

  o added conflicts between ocaml and ocaml-base

  o removed some lintian errors, now only 7 are still there, the 2 rpath one,
    4 missing manpages someone will have to write (labltk, ocamlbrowser,
    ocamlmklib, odyl) and the warnng about camlheader.

  o splitted camlp4 out of ocaml. This is not yet nice, since i have not filed
    the description and copyright correctly for it.


  o remove remaining lintian errors and warnings.

  o consider if camlp4 split is a good idea.

  o add the dll*.so to ocaml-base.

  o add the magicfile so the file utility knows about ocaml files.

  o add a Task: field ?

  o more i haven't thought about.

  o ocaml-doc, lablgl and lablgtk packaging, as well as other packages i

Good Week end to all ...


Sven Luther

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