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Re: ocamlodbc packaging

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 01:16:06PM +0200, Georges Mariano wrote:
> > should we "suggest" to switch to
> >       [o]caml-<name>   and
> >       [o]caml-lib<libname>
> > ??
> what semantic do you want to associate to the two name ?
> (i.e. when exactly you think have to be used one or other ?)

ooups, why did I post such ideas ... ?? ;-)

Well, here is the list of ocaml stuff I have in OCamlDebian directory
(all are not real packages...)
activedvi    coq-doc  hevea     mlgtk           ocamldoom       ocamltk
bibtex2html  coqweb   hlins     mlminidom       ocaml-libint32 
camlidl      efuns    lablgl    mmm             ocaml-libplot   ocamlweb
camlimages   findlib  lablgtk   ocaml           ocaml-libpq     tony
camlp4       geneweb  libungif  ocaml-book-ora  ocaml-mysql     unison
coq          gz       mldvi     ocaml-doc       ocamlq-glide    xpath

As you can see there are caml* and ocaml*, why ?? I don't know exactly
(probably because before OCaml it was CamlLigth)
Some (very few in fact) packages/stuff are provided with CamlLigth and
OCaml code, so may be we should keep the "caml" prefix. For "pure" OCaml
code, just use "ocaml" prefix.
And new developments will probably be called ocaml<something>

Why lib<stuff> ??? just to recall the usual library naming scheme 
(ocaml- prefixed, just like for python, java, ...)
and this is helpful to make the distinction with standalone programs
like ocaml-web (oops, ocamlweb)

ocaml-lib<name> do not provide any standalone binary program (except
maybe some demos or illustrative programs [but why compiled them ??])
they just provide useful code (string manipulations, dedicated parsing
libraries), or bindings for some interesting libraries...

Please note that this was not a proposal for a strict naming scheme,
perhaps a simple way to find names for new packages...

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