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tuareg et/ou ocaml-dev ?

Bonjour, I would like to package tuareg, the other emacs mode for
editing caml files. When I discussed this with Sven he suggested
that the tuareg mode should rather be part of a ocaml-dev package.

Building an ocaml-dev package, or several packages, which group
several libraries and tools together has already been discussed
on this list. Is anyone actively working on this for the moment?

On the other hand tuareg mode stands, imho, a bit apart from 
libraries in that it is a tool for the programmer. We could
build an ocaml-devel-tools package, however I have no idea
what else to put in such a package - in particular since this
package would be architecture-independent.

Any comments? Otherwise I'll issue an ITP next week and build the
tuareg package.


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