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Re: searching ocaml packages

Georges Mariano wrote:
> Not only for advertising around Ocaml ;-) but also
> to be able to find every Ocaml related package in
> the distribution
> This is note the case since geneweb and hlins
> (may be others ??) are not detected with a 
> simple query 'Ocaml'...

Build-Depends can be used for this:

% grep "Build-Depends:.*ocaml.*" */*.dsc
editors/efuns_0.17.0.3-2.dsc:Build-Depends: ocaml
misc/geneweb_3.08-1.dsc:Build-Depends: ocaml, camlp4
tex/bibtex2html_1.43-2.dsc:Build-Depends: autoconf, ocaml, tetex-base, tetex-bin, tetex-extra, debhelper
text/hlins_0.38-1.dsc:Build-Depends: ocaml, debhelper

(ocamlweb is in incoming, should make it to the ftp site in the next days).


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