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In reference to my question about OCAMLWEB a few months back:
> I just found the following message by chance. My answer is : 
> it is worth packaging, at least for me :-).

I believe another Debian maintainer indicited he had a
package on his personal site.  I don't know if this was ever
uploaded to Incoming.

Anyone have status on OCAMLWEB?

> Ocamlweb pretty prints your OCaml code and lets you print 
> your comments in LaTeX. I use it daily to print my OCaml code
> (or that of my students). I would like it to be distributed on
> Debian disks since I use Debian at home (unfortunately, I have
> to use a Redhat at work).
> I do not know at all how easy making a debian package is, but 
> I guess it should not be too difficult for ocamlweb since the
> installation procedure uses an autoconf-generated configure
> script.

This should not be too difficult to package.



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