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copyright for ocaml byte code including a runtime system


has anyone thought about the problem what the correct debian/copyright
should be for byte code containing the runtime system (that is linked
with ocamlc ... -custom) ? This is certainly relevant if you provide
a package for all architectures, in which case you should compile
to byte code when there is no native compiler.

I don't not find an answer in the copyright file for ocaml-3.00 since it
specifies the copyright in terms of the sub-directories of the ocaml
*source*, without specifying what this implies for the various tools.

Anyway, I understand that the runtime system is LGPL (please correct
me if I'm wrong). Good - so after wading through the LGPL text it
seems to me that Section 6 is what applies here (the software that I 
compile is itself GPL licensed). My conclusion is that it is sufficient
to add to me debian/copyright file the following text (only for architectures
where I compile to byte code):

	The executable code contains a copy of the OCaml runtime system 
	which is licensed under the terms of the Gnu Library General
	Public License. On a Debian system, this license can be found
	at /usr/share/common-lincenses/LGPL-2.

Any comments about this? Ralf.

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