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Re: ocamltex

On Fri, 28 Jul 2000 11:26:05 +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> I would vote for a separate package. 
> Are the licence issues ok ?

This is actually a point that has to be settled. The CL distribution has
caml-latex2e and caml-tex in the contrib directory, without any separate
copyright notice, which seems to imply that these packages fall under
the INRIA licence. However, I contacted Jens Kloecker,
the author of caml-latex2e, and he told me that the copyright actually is
with him. I will ask him to put it under GPL. In this case I would
just package ocaml-latex and not ocaml-tex (which is a contrib
by Xavier Leroy).

> Also it would be nice to produce one or more ocaml-task packages for easy
> install of the various ocaml related stuff. This would also be proposed at the
> "Easy way" of installing for the first install.
> Any volunteer for it ?

How many ocaml development packages do we have? Seems a bit premature to me.


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