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Re: Debian-NP/Morphix Bootable CD Available for Download

<quote who="Ilja Marchew" date="Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 12:01:53AM -0800">
> I have some morphix ISOs and trying to localize it with russian fonts.
>  Can you direct me to some instructions, webpage or manpage?  It's
> because lang=ru option doesn't work as presumed (squares with
> hexadecimal numbers instead of russian letters).

The reason you are seeing squares with hexidecimal letters is that,
while you have russian translations of software on the disk image, you
do not have Russian fonts. Perhaps you already realize this.

The link Jonas pointed you to is probably the best place to look for
current resources on customizing Morphix CDs. :)

Good luck!


Benjamin Mako Hill

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