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Re: Some thoughts

This lurker agrees...

Ubunto has as its target audience exactly the same kinds of people as Debian-NP. Goals include ease-of-use and up-to-dateness, and I believe that one of the subprojects is a "roll-your-own-distro" machine which is very easy to configure. The Ubuntu project has a solid developer team behind it dedicated to making regular time-based releases. Mark Shuttleworth's interest is very much in the NP/educational sectors. I feel sure that Canonical would probably be interested in any proposal to merge Debian-NP efforts and Ubuntu in some sense, or at least to work closely together.


edgar wrote:
I was thinking about the point of Debian-NP. Now that Sarge has a pretty
nice and easy installer and there's Ubuntu Linux is there any point of
building a custom Debian-NP distro? Wouldn't it be better to make some
kind of advocacy for debian among NGOs, to make a list of useful
programs that are already in the Debian repository or soon will be?
But an easy to use Debian-NP server distro is really needed (maybe with
dischosting installed [http://dischosting.sourceforge.net/]).
Just some thoughts.



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