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Just presenting myself

I'm Edgar from Pula, a town in the northern adriatic on the croatian
coast. I'm involved in the work of the Monteparadiso HackLab
(www.fazan.org - just in croatian for now), and the Rojc.Net portal for
NGOs in Pula.
The MP HackLab is situated in an ex military barracks where about 80
NGOs have found their home legally or by squatting. We give free
internet access to everyone in that building, and we have for that 14
computers all on Debian. Since the NGOs here usually use Win stuff we
try to convince them to switch to GNU/Linux, so we burn them for free
Debian, but aslo all the other kinds of GNU/Linux, we assist them. For
now the interest for Linux is not so high but it is starting to be
"cool" to speak about Debian.
I think we have here a good playground to test Debian-NP on various
initiatives and NGOs.
I saw some of you from the mailing list on Vis at SummerSource.

PS: I'm not a programmer. Just an advanced user and I'm promoting the
GNU/Linux/Debian idea...

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