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Handshake donates $300,000 USD to Debian

The Debian Project                               https://www.debian.org/
Handshake donates $300,000 USD to Debian                press@debian.org
March 29th, 2019               https://www.debian.org/News/2019/20190329

In 2018 the Debian project received a donation of $300,000 USD from
Handshake [1], an organization developing an experimental peer-to-peer
root domain naming system.

    1: https://handshake.org/

This significant financial contribution will help Debian to continue the
hardware replacement plan designed by the Debian System
Administrators [2], renewing servers and other hardware components and
thus making the development and community infrastructure of the Project
more reliable.

    2: https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DSA

"A deep and sincere thank you to the Handshake Foundation for their
support of the Debian Project." said Chris Lamb, Debian Project Leader.
"Contributions such as theirs make it possible for a large number of
diverse contributors from all over the world to work together towards
our mutual goal of developing a fully-free "universal" operating

Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol compatible
with DNS where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the
root zone with the goal of creating an alternative to existing
Certificate Authorities.

The Handshake project, its sponsors and contributors recognize Free and
Open Source Software as a crucial part of the foundations of the
Internet and their project, so they decided to reinvest back into free
software by gifting $10,200,000 USD to various FLOSS developers and
projects, as well as non-profit organizations and universities that
support free software development.

Thank you very much, Handshake, for your support!

About Debian

The Debian Project is an association of Free Software developers who
volunteer their time and effort in order to produce the completely free
operating system Debian.

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For further information, please visit the Debian web pages at
https://www.debian.org/ or send mail to <press@debian.org>.
Laura Arjona Reina

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