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Debian Project at OSS Symposium, LinuxTag and DebConf

The Debian Project                         http://www.debian.org/events/
Debian at OSS Symposium, LinuxTag and DebConf          events@debian.org
June 17th, 2005                 http://www.debian.org/News/2005/20050617

Debian Project at OSS Symposium, LinuxTag and DebConf

The Debian project will attend the Open Source Software Symposium in
Stuttgart and the LinuxTag in Karlsruhe next week, both in Germany.

June 20th - 21st           Symposium OSS 2005
                           Ostfildern, Germany

       The Debian project will run a booth and will present the
       distribution at this symposium for business and public
       administration..  Michael Meskes will also give a talk about
       the use of the Debian system in companies and in public

June 22nd - 25th           LinuxTag
                           Karlsruhe, Germany

       This is the largest and most important Free Software exhibition
       and conference.  The Debian project will maintain a booth in
       the exhibition area and organise a mini conference called
       Debian Day with the schedule below.  The new and shiny release
       of Debian 3.1 alias sarge will be demonstrated at the booth
       where visitors can get pressed DVDs with the release on it for
       the i386, amd64 and powerpc platforms.

       In addition to this, there will be several other talks that
       cover Free Software and Debian in particular.  There will also
       be a keysigning party again on Saturday which requires to
       submit the keys before.

       There will be a release party to celebrate the release of
       Debian 3.1 and their new Debian book at the booth of Open
       Source Press (B107) on Thursday 17 o'clock to which all Debian
       people are invited.  In the evening, the new Debian release
       will be celebrated at the KaLUG party, starting at 20 o'clock
       next to the AKK.

July 10th - 17th           Debian Conference
                           Helsinki, Finland

       The Debian conference aims at Debian developers and interested
       users who would like to know more about the inner structure of
       the project and the distribution.  The schedule will be
       available shortly before the conference.  In the wek before a
       work camp will be organised.  On July 9th a public conference
       will be organised at the same place.

Schedule for the Debian Day

       The Debian Day has been extended to two days and will take
       place on Thursday and Friday in room 2.05.  In general the
       talks will be held in English if not denoted otherwise.

       Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

       Time  | Speaker               Title
       10:00 | Norbert Tretkowski    Backporting Practice
       11:00 | Joey Schulze          Debian Security
       12:00 | Luk Claes             Internationalisation & localisation
       13:00 | Goswin von Brederlow  Debian Archive Structure
       14:00 | Martin Zobel-Helas    The volatile Archive
       15:00 | Meike Reichle         The Debian Women Project
       16:00 | Enrico Zini           CDD: Current and Future

       Friday, June 24th, 2005

       Time  | Speaker               Title
       12:00 | Yutaka Niibe          Porting to the m32r Architecture
       13:00 | Mike Wiesner          Kerberos V5 with Debian (German)
       14:00 | Stefano Zacchiroli    OCaml @ Debian
       15:00 | Florian Möllers       Knowledge, Power and free Beer
       16:00 | Hauke Goos-Habermann  m23 Distribution System
       17:00 | Michael Banck         The Ubuntu Development Model

Additional talks with Debian connection at LinuxTag

       Some talks will be delivered outside of the the Debian Day in
       the regular conference schedule or the community schedule.
       Several of these talks will be given in German.

       Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

       10:00   Fabian Franz       Introduction into Knoppix (EG)

       Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

       13:30   Florian Schießl    Migration to Linux in Munich (UG2)

       Friday, June 24th, 2005

       12:00   Fernanda Weiden    Free Software with a female touch (UG2)
       16:00   Mako Hill          Financing Free Software Projects (UG2)
       17:00   Fabian Franz       Introduction into Knoppix (PLF)

       Saturday, June 25th, 2005

       14:00                      Key Signing Party (R 2.05)
       15:00   Debian Developers  Debian Projekt intern (UG3)
       16:00   Alexander Schmehl  Howto pay back (Community Forum)
       16:00   Mako Hill          Debian and Ubuntu: fork or not to fork (UG3)
       17:00   Michael Kofler     Ubuntu - The human Linux (EG)
       17:00   Gregorio Robles    Quo vadis, libre software? (UG3)

We invite all interested people in these areas to attend these
conferences, meet Debian developers and users, exchange GnuPG
fingerprints, discuss various topics on Debian and Free Software,
and otherwise participate in our vibrant community.

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