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Debian Project at several Conferences worldwide

The Debian Project                         http://www.debian.org/events/
Debian at several Conferences                          events@debian.urg
February 18th, 2005             http://www.debian.org/News/2005/20050218

Debian Project at several conferences worldwide

Six exhibitions and conferences that will cover Free Software and
GNU/Linux will take place within the following weeks in several cities
where the Debian project participates.

February 22nd - 25th       CONSOL 2005
                           Mexico City, Mexico

       Debianmexico will be present with a booth in the exhibition
       area.  Several Debian developers will be around to answer all
       kinds of questions, demonstrate different things or happily
       sign one's gpg-key.  Several talks will be held as well:

       Tuesday, February 22nd
       12:00 David Moreno Garza    Creating packages for Debian
       18:00 David Moreno Garza    How to help the Debian Project
       19:30 Steve Langasek        The QA crisis in Free Software

February 26th - 27th       Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting
                           Brussels, Belgium

       The Debian project will maintain a developers room and Debian
       developers and users will run a booth as well.  A number of
       talks will be held in the developers room:

       Saturday, February 26th
       13:30 Gregorio Robles & Diego Barceló
                                   Evolution of Debian GNU/Linux
       14:00 Andreas Barth         The Debian Release Process
       15:00 Wookey                Embedded Debian
       16:00 Frank Lichtenheld     Debian Web Services

       Sunday, February 27th
       10:00 Michael Banck         Debian GNU/Hurd
       10:45 Guillem Jover         Porting to Debian GNU variants
       11:30 Hanna M. Wallach      The Debian Women Project
       12:15 Matteew Garrett       Free as in DFSG
       14:00 Robert Millan         Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
       15:00 Thomas Lange          Fully automatic GNU/Linux installations
       16:00 Jeroen v. Wolffelaar  Quality Assurance

February 28th - March 4th  5th Asia Open Source Software Symposium
                           Beijing, China

       The Asia Open Source Software Symposium (AOSSS) brings together
       the Asian Free Software and open source community.  The first
       Asia Debian Mini-Conf will precede this year's AOSSS from
       February 28th to March 1st.

       Monday, February 28th
       09:45 Martin Michlmayr      Systematic Quality Assurance Approach
       10:45 Alexander Schmehl     How to help Debian
       13:15 Andrew Lee            Status Report of Debian in Taiwan
       16:30                       Keysigning session

       Tuesday, March 1st
       09:00 Andreas Tille         Custom Debian Distributions
       10:00 Scott Dier            Mass Management of Debian Desktops
       11:00 Takatsugu Nokubi      Searching and CJK
       13:30 Simon Horms           The Debian Linux Kernel
       14:30 Yukata Niibe          Bootstraping the M32R Architecture
       15:45 Masato Taruishi       The many uses of apt-listbug

March 5th - 6th            7th Chemnitzer Linux-Tage
                           Chemnitz, Germany

       The Debian project will demonstrate their operating system at a
       booth.  Several Debian related talks and one tutorial will also
       be held during this conference:

       Saturday, February 5th
       10:00 Torsten Werner        Debian GNU/Linux in the foreign office
       12:00 Ralf Gesellensetter & Kurt Gramlich
                                   Skolelinux/Debian-Edu in the school
       14:00 Martin Loschwitz      Installing and administering Debian
       16:00                       Keysigning Party

       Sunday, February 6th
       11:00 Martin Loschwitz      Debian and Kalyxo for a perfect desktop
       12:00 Kurt Gramlich         Free Software in schools
       14:00 Andreas Tille         Custom Debian Distributions
       14:30 Andreas Tille         Debian-Med reloaded
       15:00 Silke Reimer          Debian-GIS: Chances for Debian
       15:30 Martin Herweg         Live-Demo: Edu-Knoppix
       16:00 Alexander Schmehl     New features in Debian GNU/Linux 3.1

March 10th - 16th          CeBIT
                           Hannover, Germany

       The Debian project will be present at its own booth in the
       LinuxPark in exhibition hall 6 inside of booth H18.  Visitors
       are invited to exchange GnuPG fingerprints each day at 16:00 at
       the Debian booth.  There will be several Debian related talks
       in the LinuxForum as well:

       Thursday, March 10th
       15:15 Klaus Knopper         The future of Knoppix

       Friday, March 11th
       10:15 Michael Meskes        Mission Critical Enterprise Services
       11:15 Frank Ronneburg       Corbiz - The Business-Debian
       12:15 Stefan Hornburg       Running Debian in an ISP environment

       Saturday, March 12th
       12:15 Andreas Tille         Custom Debian Distributions

       Thusday, March 15th
       15:15 Klaus Knopper         The future of Knoppix

       Wednesday, March 16th
       14:15 Thomas Lange          Rollout with FAI
       15:15 Klaus Knopper         The future of Knoppix

March 11th - 14th          IT/Linux Days
                           Lörrach, Germany

       The Debian project will run a booth in the exhibition area and
       will demonstrate several computers running Debian GNU/Linux as
       well as Debian GNU/Hurd.

We invite all interested people in these areas to attend these
conferences, meet Debian developers and users, exchange GnuPG
fingerprints, discuss various topics on Debian and Free Software,
and otherwise participate in our vibrant community.

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