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Debian Project at CeBIT and OOoCon

The Debian Project                         http://www.debian.org/events/
Debian Project at CeBIT and OOoCon                     events@debian.org
March 14th, 2003                http://www.debian.org/News/2003/20030314

Debian Project at CeBIT and OOoCon

Two exhibitions and conferences that cover Free Software and GNU/Linux
are taking place during the next couple of days.  The Debian project
has been invited to participate in them with various means.

March 12th - 19th    CeBIT 2003
                     Hannover, Germany

        At this year's CeBIT, one one of the world's most important
        computer exhibitions, the Debian project maintains a part of
        the booth of Linuxland (hall 6, booth A52/182).
        A general Debian meeting takes place each day from 14:00 to
        14:30 at the Linuxland booth.  Interested people who attend
        CeBIT can stop by for a short chat or keysigning.
        Frank Ronneburg will also give a talk on Monday, March 17th,
        covering the use of Debian GNU/Linux in business environments.

 	Additionally the KDE team is organizing a keysigning session on
 	Sunday 14:00 inside of the Linux Park in Hall 6, booth

March 20th - 21st    OpenOffice.org Conference
                     Hamburg, Germany

        This is the first public conference about OpenOffice.org.
        Several high-profile speakers from the developer community,
        European politics, and the Open Source movement will
        participate.  The Debian OpenOffice.org team will also attend
        this conference and Chris Halls will give an introduction to
        the process of building OpenOffice.org packages for Debian on
        Thursday afternoon.

We invite all interested people in that area to attend one of these
conferences, meet Debian developers and users, exchange GnuPG
fingerprints, discuss various topics on Debian and Free Software, and
otherwise participate in our vibrant community.

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