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Debian at Solutions Linux and FOSDEM

The Debian Project                                http://www.debian.org/
Debian at Solutions Linux and FOSDEM                    press@debian.org
January 27th, 2003              http://www.debian.org/News/2003/20030127

Debian at Solutions Linux and FOSDEM

Two exhibitions and conferences covering Free Software and GNU/Linux
will take place during the next couple of days.  The Debian project
has been offered to participate in them.

February 4th - 6th   Solutions Linux 2003 / Linux Expo France
                     Paris, France

        The Debian project will maintain a booth at this conference and
        exhibition, which is the largest Free Software event in
        France.  French and Belgian developers will run the booth.

February 8th - 9th   Free and Open Source Software Developers' Meeting
                     Brussels, Belgium

        FOSDEM is a non-commercial meeting for Free Software developers
        organised by members of the community. Famous speakers from
        around the world are expected.  Raphaël Hertzog will present
        the goals and the current status of Debian-Edu.  Furthermore,
        Martin Michlmayr will give a talk about adapting Debian to
        embedded use.

We invite all interested people in that area to attend one of these
conferences, meet Debian developers and users, exchange GnuPG
fingerprints, discuss various topics on Debian and Free Software, and
otherwise participate in our vibrant community.

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