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Debian Weekly News - November 21st, 2001

Debian Weekly News
Debian Weekly News - November 21st, 2001

Searching Bugs per Source Package. Adam Heath added the [1]ability to
search for bugs based on source packages to the cgi scripts that exist
on [2]http://bugs.debian.org/. A source listing contains all bugs on
packages that come from that source. The easy way to access this
feature is to use a URL similar to
[3]http://bugs.debian.org/src:postgresql. That is
"http://bugs.debian.org/src:packagename. Additionally, package
listings have links to other packages produced by the same source, in
addition to having a link to their source package's bug page. Adam
also added more [4]features so you can now select the severities and
bug status you want displayed. These features was greatly appreciated
by maintainers of multi-binary packages.

Spellchecking Package Descriptions. Matt Zimmerman took the
opportunity and fine-tuned his first investigation of spelling
problems in package descriptions. His [5]corrections resulted in a
200kB diff file for more than 1,300 (out of 8,000) packages. Matt's
mail also contains the guidelines he used for correcting these

Debian Environment on top of Mac OS X? A few messages popped up on the
[6]debian-devel mailing list covering this. The [7]fink project
wants to bring the full world of Unix [8]Open Source software to
[9]Darwin and [10]Mac OS X. The project modifies and ports the
software so it will run on top of Mac OS X. The files are made
available for download as a coherent distribution. Fink uses Debian
tools like dpkg and apt-get to provide powerful package management for
binary packages.

International Boot-Floppies. A [11]message on the [12]debian-boot list
requested the inclusion of Danish in the supported languages on the
internationalized root disk. We can refine the choice of languages at
any point. Right now, however, it would probably be more productive
for people to build internationalized boot-floppies and find out
whether one can actually do an install with them. [13]Looking at the
date of one translated file, several translations may be out-dated.
Translators should check their status.

Debian and the Euro. Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña [14]contributed
another document to the [15]Debian Documentation Project (DDP). From
January 1st, 2002, several european countries switch to the Euro as
their currency. The [16]Debian Euro HOWTO provides comprehensive
information about using the Euro symbol with Debian. This includes
configuration of the Linux text console, as well as the X Window
System. Additionally, special Euro packages were uploaded into the
experimental section (euro-support, euro-support-console and
euro-support-x) to provide easy support for the Euro.

WNPP Overview. Bas Zoetekouw [17]wrote a script which generates an
overview of [18]Work Needed and Prospective Packages (WNPP) entries in
the Debian Bug Tracking System. This [19]report ought to help the
Quality Assurance (QA) people to clean out WNPP bugs that are not
relevant anymore since nobody cares about the packages.

Freeze Update. Anthony Towns sent in an [20]updated report about the
Woody freeze process. We're almost into the last week for uploads of
base packages. If there are outstanding bugs you'd like to see fixed,
provide patches or upload now. We are also getting into the last days
for ensuring that standard and task packages get included in the Woody
release. At the moment it looks like a lot of packages will be removed
from Woody. Among these are a whole bunch of commonly used programs
like gpm, Mutt, CVS, Procmail, Apache and Mozilla. People who can fix
bugs in these packages and care about them are encouraged to send in
patches or upload fixed packages using Anthony's [21]unofficial NMU

GNU/Hurd Hardware Compatibility Guide. If you are thinking about
running Debian GNU/Hurd, but are not quite sure if you have hardware
that will make it happy, you're in luck. James Morrison [22]announced
a [23]Hardware Compatibility Guide to make life easy for all the
prospective Hurders out there. If you're new to the Hurd, you can find
the [24]Hurd Orientation at the beginning of each month on the Debian
Hurd mailing list.

New Volunteer Position. Ben Collins put out the [25]request for a
volunteer to handle incoming donations on the Debian Project mailing
list. This includes working with the Web team to keep the donations
page updated, placing donations and so forth.

Keep in Touch... If you have any questions or comments, suggestions or
news tips, send them to [26]dwn@debian.org. For those of you who
celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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