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Debian Weekly News - August 15th, 2000

Debian Weekly News
Debian Weekly News - August 15th, 2000
Welcome to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian community.

Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 is officially released! The release went off as
scheduled, despite a few [1]last minute problems. The [2]release
announcement mentions support for the Powerpc and Arm architectures, a
streamlined install process, slews of new and updated packages, full
PAM support, and improved internationalizaton as key changes in this
version of Debian. Of course, it is dedicated to developer Joel "Espy"
Klecker, who died shortly before release. Debian 2.2 is the
culmination of 18 months of development, much of it chronicled here in
Debian Weekly News, and everyone in the project deserves a big "thank
you" for all their hard work.

Linuxworld Expo is in full swing now, and Debian's booth there is
being flooded by many attendees. A webcam is up at the booth's [3]web
site. Debian was awarded the IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award today,
and in an unprecedented turn of events, a real live press conference
is being held to announce the release of Debian 2.2 to the world. The
festivities at LinuxWorld will continue, with a release party
scheduled for Wednesday night.

VA Linux Systems has [4]announced on their web site that Debian will
be available pre-installed on their systems "in late 2000".

Security fixes: A [5]hole in Zope allowed remote users to gain
unauthorised access. An update to the mailx package was released that
prevents attackers from tricking mail into running other programs.
Since there are no exploits of this problem that are known to work on
Debian, this is mainly just a preventive measure, but upgrading to the
[6]fixed package is still a smart move.

It wasn't exactly a quiet week on the Debian mailing lists, but the
editor of this newsletter is at LinuxWorld and hasn't been able to
read and report on discussions there in the usual detail. Next week,
things will return to normal, and we'll discover how Debian 2.2 is
faring and probably switch focus to the development of woody. For a
first taste of that, here is Anthony Towns, [7]thinking about what we
did right and wrong, this time around, and some of the major projects
planned for woody.

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