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Debian Weekly News - April 26th, 2000

Debian Weekly News 
Debian Weekly News - April 26th, 2000
Welcome to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian developer

Release watch:
  * The boot floppies are up to [8]version 2.2.12, and are progressing
    nicely. This version has the distinction of being the first
    "really fully functional powerpc installer" for Debian, a very
    important milestone for the powerpc port.
  * The number of [9]release critical bugs continues to hover around
The First European Debian Meeting is [10]planned to be held starting
July 5th in France as part of the Libre Software Meeting. This has
generated some enthusiasm among the French developers, but it may have
some scheduling conflicts with other events in Europe. It's yet to be
seen how big this gathering will be.

Some impressive graphs have been made of the relations (dependencies,
conflicts, etc) between various packages. [11]These graphs can give
some idea of the complexities apt has to deal with. The graph of all
the [12]packages in the base system is especially interesting.

Perl folks will be happy to know that experimental perl 5.6 debs are
[13]available for woody. Hopefully fully integrating this new version
won't be as complex as the last perl upgrade since a lot of groundwork
was laid last time to support future upgrades.

New packages in Debian this week include a long list of 2.2.15pre19
kernel-image packages, the following and [14]many more:
  * [15]aide: Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
  * [16]cscope: Interactively examine a C program source
  * [17]distmp3: Client/daemon for distributed MP3 compression over
  * [18]iptables: IP packet filter administration for 2.4.X kernels
  * [19]verilog: Icarus verilog compiler
  * [20]xscorch: Clone of Scorched Earth

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9. http://bugs.debian.org/~wakkerma/bugs/
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20. http://www.debian.org/Packages/unstable/games/xscorch.html

see shy jo

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