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Debian 2.0 Installation Articles

Debian GNU/Linux In The News
Debian 2.0 Installation Articles
October 29, 1998

  The Belarussian newspaper "Computer News" <http://www.kv.minsk.by/> [Note: 
Cyrillic URL!] has published some articles on installing and booting Debian. 
 The articles are written and translated to English by Dmitri Borodaenko and 
are available at <http://www.kv.minsk.by/summer/articles.html>.  They are 
entitled "Installing the Debian GNU/Linux 2.0" and "First boot of the Debian 
GNU/Linux 2.0" and are available in both Russian and English.

KV is a four year old weekly newspaper for IT specialists and businesses, 
the first in Belarus. It has more than 10,000 readers in the country and 
attracts the attention of Russian-speaking Internet users all over the world.

>> Credits

  Thanks to Dmitri Borodaenko <angdraug@usa.net> for writing and translating 
these articles.

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Debian Press Contact                    Press:  press@debian.org

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