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Debian used in Scientific Workstation setup

Debian GNU/Linux In The News
Debian used in Scientific Workstation setup
December 14, 1998

Thomas E. Vaughan <vaughan@32bitsonline.com> has written an article entitled 
"A GNU/Linux Scientific Workstation" which is available online at 

It is written at a fairly high level and discusses the general requirements 
for setting up a scientific workstation (as opposed to setting up an X, web, 
or file server) including the hardware and system setups.

"An alternative packaging system is offered by Debian, whose 
 typical DEB package, upon installation (or deinstallation),
 magically adjusts the window manager's menu system
 appropriately. I use Debian GNU/Linux. Every piece
 of software that I discuss in this and the next
 article has an associated DEB package, provided by
 Debian, and probably has an associated RPM package."

[Thanks to John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> for the pointer to 
this article]

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