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Re: Raúl Benencia: Declaration of intent to become a DD, upl.


On Wed, 7 Sept 2022 at 21:27, Raúl Benencia (via nm.debian.org)
<nm@debian.org> wrote:
> Hash: SHA512
> For nm.debian.org, at 2022-09-07:
> I would like to apply to change my status in Debian to Debian
> Developer, uploading.
> My first contribution to the Debian project was in 2012. Since then, I
> have slowly made my way into maintaining around a dozen packages; I
> have collaborated on packaging teams such as the Debian Haskell Group,
> the Debian Go Packaging team, and more recently, the Debian Emacsen
> team. Among other smaller contributions, I have also submitted patches
> to several bugs.
> On 2018-07-24, I became a Debian Maintainer and enjoyed easing the
> duties of my sponsors. I am interested in keeping the quality of the
> distribution high. Becoming a Debian Developer will allow me to act
> more independently and pave my way to new contributions such as doing
> QAs uploads, sponsoring packages for newcomers, and joining new teams.
> S28vgA//Wkxz43uA3LHQkK/lYnQQT2RHRoh+pW7alhfeqnjHpPB2BlWtMchWGoNh
> dHeo28csVWX4mBrLn4FcPyjVez6H4T//l66xvUaeqyqm+vYO9nEPtRk/+Zrl7W3n
> TA0X1+SHGViLMEoSq5kK/48Hz00xd38yZ/raPYQ7N+oWN/jJt4xZEyKhFSMoi9vS
> cECPl4504+W/7CG9/kd9j5Soy2+LZO36w4N5izRfZKQESPsHZlN+GnYe7iV1Qe9t
> SjCPeLt39T43+Su+9fYUZfWQjP6Jf9bG+jba1Gd5bTdYECtGsLzfHX5lgT9hWX+c
> ocHuNy+B4CT/FaAcLL6C/AGiy4GyLSbO7vu4QHXLQG1MhbxFi1pdiC7CaH6jQh6X
> dyYj7p2dG3gZeCuiuEorRun0yBSBJbbriYiS7xBMY0H/7QrMS3JC3NWZ4Mc7kkXY
> teB4bTFWHyEuAa54cmimyEpDiJ36pFqadozwg4G+qxTeE5sYiR1uS4sEQAV3mgs/
> E4jppvk0tN7U9z3R+5tNufH/DkvexDvo4X/gz59oNbowPJzqzDW9/9u88kk1etF9
> TOV6UzBc3n86VVmh3VFbEYP/2elEpWhGFqltoxh9fJAdIqt7JEzjwQ+ylpZ2vTTx
> k4oTStMrS6z99YM1ZWfRQ5eJMCOB5Ab1GetYGYUuNTvpdd6lrLc=
> =zHFm
> Raúl Benencia (via nm.debian.org)
> For details and to comment, visit https://nm.debian.org/process/1117/
> --
> https://nm.debian.org/process/1117/

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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