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Re: Endorsing Gunnar Hjalmarsson's key F235A25E8A2A9718D7D8BDA36C79687A51F6608C

Hello all,

I am sorry I got late to the "party" with this discussion.

Just a recommendation on form - As I said, key endorsements are very
new, and we have a long way to follow to get them wrinkle-free.

> I've worked with Gunnar for 10 years now, mostly in Ubuntu but also in Debian sponsoring ibus uploads for him.
> In that time he has interacted with me using key F235A25E8A2A9718D7D8BDA36C79687A51F6608C. 
> Gunnar wishes now to apply to be a DD, and for that he needs an updaded 4096R key.
> Travel is difficult currently, so after talking in private we decided to go
> down the endorsement (rather than signing) route.
> Gunnar has published a transition statement on:
>   https://people.ubuntu.com/~gunnarhj/gpg-transition-statement.txt.asc
> this is signed with both the new key and the old one which I am satisfied is
> controlled by Gunnar.
> Gunnar has also updated his Launchpad account to reference this key. I believe
> the Launchpad account is controlled only by Gunnar - and it also is the
> container for his upload rights to the Ubuntu archive.
>   https://launchpad.net/~gunnarhj
> and the latest upload was signed using this key too
>   https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/hirsute-changes/2020-December/006933.html

I noticed this due to me growing up with a name that does not match my
culture: I know for a fact that whoever calls a Gunnar is calling
me. So, having skipped the subject (I was just glancing through my
pending mails), I felt this meant me... Who do I know for ten years?
Who says I have worked in Ubuntu... What is that key?!

Yes, it took me two seconds to go to the subject line and recognize
that... I am not the only Gunnar in town. And also, there are links
with Gunnar Hjalmarsson's webpage. So, no, mails similar to this one
would not confuse people for long enough to be important. But I would
prefer if endorsement mails carried the full name of the endorsee
_within the GPG-signed portion_.


	- That_other_Gunnar.

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