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Mark Hindley: Advocate

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I support Mark Hindley <mark@hindley.org.uk>'s request to become Debian Developer, uploading.

I have worked with Mark Hindley over the last year on several issues related to elogind and other init systems issues and strongly support Mark's application to be a Debian Developer even though I don't think he has been a DM.
Mark has experience with Debian packaging through his work in Devuan and with elogind.

My experience with Mark included working with him on #934491 and #934132, bugs related to getting elogind into bullseye.

During that process, he:

* Discovered, escalated, and coordinated with apt maintainers to resolve a dependency resolver bug

* Worked to understand release team objections to elogind, and worked through every permutation of possible solutions that I and others was able to come up with, explaining the trade offs and confirming the initial approach.  This involved everything from looking at upstream ABI and API decisions, to looking at  various ways  of handling packaging (dependencies vs diversions).  He focused on actually trying to test results where possible

* Once the politics were dealt with, the package wasn't accepted because of a britney bug.  He worked with the release team, put together a proposed patch to britney.  This patch wasn't quite right, but was a great first attempt for someone jumping into an unfamiliar code base.  He engaged constructively and got the problem resolved.

* In recent TC discussions Mark has focused on achievable goals and has focused on providing important information about the affected packages.

* Mark has also gotten sucked into the deeper aspects of Debian policy, and while he has not (too my knowledge) contributed to the policy process he has been able to understand some of the more complex aspects of init system policy.

In all my interactions with Mark, he has been constructive, and focused on the needs of users, even when he had every right to be frustrated and disappointed with the interactions of other members of our community.
We need people like Mark who can approach  difficult issues and help solve the problems of our users rather than escalating tension.

Why am I willing to advocate for DD at this stage?  Mark has
demonstrated an ability to work even when concerns cross package
boundaries or even involve complex parts of our infrastructure.  He
has demonstrated excellent communication skills and ability to work through complex issues.  In my mind, that's when you have clearly crossed into the DD realm rather than maintaining a few packages.

I have not sponsored Mark's packages; I'd recommend that Mark get an advocate that specifically focuses on packaging tasks and skills, or that the AM spend a bit more time focusing on that than usual because as an advocate I have not done so.


Sam Hartman (via nm.debian.org)

For details and to comment, visit https://nm.debian.org/process/853/

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