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Re: Endorsing Gunnar Hjalmarsson's key F235A25E8A2A9718D7D8BDA36C79687A51F6608C

* Gunnar Hjalmarsson: " Re: Endorsing Gunnar Hjalmarsson's key
  F235A25E8A2A9718D7D8BDA36C79687A51F6608C" (Sat, 9 Jan 2021 15:46:57 +0100):

Dear Gunnar,

> Probably I should keep quiet, but it makes me truly sad to see how this 
> conversation regarding my application has derailed into unfounded 
> allegations, so I have to say something.

Without digging into the details I have to state that Pierre-Elliot is just
doing his job and that I am glad he does it carefully. I can not see any
unfounded allegations, he just asserted that there were two endorsements
looking like copy&paste.

Please keep in mind that this procedure is in no way targeted at your person,
it is just to ensure the integrity of your key.


> It's not fun to see my possibilities to become a Debian member being 
> jeopardized by misconceptions and suspicions, so in any case please sort 
> it out and hold the further conversation in a more civil manner.

Sorry, it is not up to Pierre-Elliot to sort out the relevant endorsements, but
to those having them posted in an seemingly infelicitous way.

Thanks for sorting that out with us all together and hope to see your key soon



    Mathias Behrle
    PGP/GnuPG key availabable from any keyserver, ID: 0xD6D09BE48405BBF6
    AC29 7E5C 46B9 D0B6 1C71  7681 D6D0 9BE4 8405 BBF6

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