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Re: Daniel Swarbrick: Advocate


On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 02:02:16PM -0000, Arno Töll wrote:
> I did not work with Daniel Swarbrick in and for the Debian project, but he was a co-worker of mine at my previous job. I can wholeheartedly advocate and endorse him in his intent to become a Debian Developer. 
> I found him to be one of the most trustworthy and skilled people I've ever worked with, and I have no doubt he can fulfill his role as an uploading DD with the same level of fidelity, and care as he has shown to me, when working together with him.
> He has a long background of code contributions to upstream open source projects, and dozens of bugs hunted in foreign code, he has shown great care when working with Debian packaging inside the company he's still with. He is a great example of people which should not and do not need to go through the DM process beforehand, as other people already confirmed.
> Besides of his technical qualifications that are beyond any reproach he also fits the ethical standards Debian as a project endorses, and will for sure be a valuable member and contributor to the project. 

I can very much echo all of this very much, I've also enjoyed working with
Daniel in said company (hi profitbricks, many thanks for sponsoring
jenkins.debian.net and tests.reproducible-builds.org for all these years!)
and will just repeat once more that Daniel is a fantastic friendly fellow
and a perfect example of someone skipping the DM step, because of proven
competence and existing long term involvement, thus I really look forward
to him becoming a DD RSN!

I'm also much looking forward to meet again 'for real' one day, hopefully also
somewhat soon..!


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