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Michael Robin Crusoe: Application Manager report

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I've recently been appointed as Michael Crusoe AM for his process, more than a
year after it started.

I have exchenged over the Philosophy and Procedures with Michael, and in the
same time, I gave a look at his NM process and his contributions to the project.

Michael's procedure mostly hanged over the AM process part for around a year,
as Michael and his AM didn't manage to find the time to try having the process
done. Some may find this bad, but at no time does it mean that Michael stayed

Indeed, in the last year and a month, Michael had done a lot of things for
Debian. As for an example, he got 365 uploads in the archive (more than I did
in the past two years and a half), of which he signed by himself 312 as a
Debian Maintainer (still more than I did in the past two years and a half), and
I feel that this is the best proof that Michael doesn't need to be a Developer
to be a proficient Contributor. And that's because he's such a great
Contributor even having limited rights to the archive that I think the Project
*needs* to have Michael as a Developer before he gets the idea of not going
forward with his application.

I therefore decided that, not being any kind of masochist, I wouldn't even
attempt to review all the packages Michael actually maintains (the vast
majority being co-maintained), and after having a look at a few he maintains on
his own, I decided to reduce the T&S part to a strict minimum, to keep the
process optimal.

Michael has a clear and relevant understanding of the project's Philosophy and
Procedures, and his contributions are more than what we need to understand that
he knows very well how to handle technical things for the project. Also, from
the little I exchanged with him, although he tends to be very concise (whilst I
tend to enjoy verbosity), he also seems very nice, which is a good point too!

A good understanding about the project, its philosophy and procedures, and
technical readiness being the requirements to become a Debian Developer with
uploading rights, and being nice not being a red flag, I consider that my job
as an AM is done: I agree with Michael Crusoe's advocates, that he should
become a Debian Developer with uploading rights as soon as possible.



Pierre-Elliott Bécue (via nm.debian.org)

For details and to comment, visit https://nm.debian.org/process/599/

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