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Re: Jordan Justen: Declaration of intent

On 2020-04-03 01:38:55, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 03, 2020 at 08:09:20AM -0000, Jordan Justen wrote:
> > Currently I only have DM upload rights for intel-gpu-tools.
> Why do you say so?
> Fingerprint: C27485217414C9DF02316C2E37F99F68CAF992EB
> Uid: Jordan Justen <jljusten@gmail.com>
> Allow: alot (F83356BBE112B7462A41552F7D5D8C60CF4D3EB4),
>  intel-gpu-tools (D53A815A3CB7659AF882E3958EEDCC1BAA1F32FF),
>  nasm (92978A6E195E4921825F7FF0F34F09744E9F5DD9),
>  piglit (CEF8DDC8019CA66D4E3094F3600233BA9E54DC61),
>  renderdoc (752DE27C4DEB17019B4B6623CB703165A88984DC),
>  waffle (CEF8DDC8019CA66D4E3094F3600233BA9E54DC61)
> And you also uploaded all of them in the past 6 years (first upload I
> could find signed by your gpg key is waffle on 2014-11-28).

Oh, you are right! I was referring to the debian-x team's packages,
but in fact I do have upload rights to more debian-x packages.
(piglit, renderdoc, waffle) I guess I kind of overlook these as
debian-x packages since I've owned all of them since ITP. :)

When I wrote that I was thinking of the other debian-x packages:


Hmm. Looks like I never officially put piglit and waffle under
debian-x, but I kind of feel like they could be considered debian-x


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