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Re: Carlos Donizete Froes: Advocate

Hi Eriberto,

> About your message above, I disagree with several points, starting by
> "love" word. Love is a very good reason to maintain packages, but not the
> only condition to become a DM.

I completely agree, the word "love" is my reason for keeping packages, keeps me
contributing to Debian. :)

> You said "I do not agree with this, because who can say, it is the
> sponsors who accompanied my development with the packages I have in
> Debian." Now you have 8 packages and 2 QA works. Searching in all tracker
> pages linked to you, I can count 45 uploads of which 4 were made by your
> advocate. You already had 9 sponsors up to now and, recently,  I was one
> of them. So, I think I can say anything.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored my packages and encouraged me, they guide you
to get better and better.

Thanks also to you, despite being a recent package looking to learn new things
about packaging in DebConf19.

> In DebConf 19, to answer to a question from a student, I quoted in the
> workshop that "packages are made orphan by several reasons". So, I quoted
> the game Assault Cube, saying that it is a very hard to maintain.
> Immediately you were shown interested in maintaining it. After DebConf, I
> saw your RFS for Assault Cube (revision, already uploaded to
> Debian). I decided to see the package to try upload it. I was confused
> because the package nor had "QA upload" line and wasn't closing the bug
> #728193 and the maintainer was Debian Games Team. I needed some minutes
> to investigate and, after this, I gave up to review the package. Today,
> the package is in your name as uploader (Games Team is the maintainer),
> but with an ITA from you, since Jul. 29 and several comments in your
> RFS's for this package (you didn't closed the ITA in and
> don't clarified the sittuation in your changelog, about adopting, keeping
> orphan, etc.).

Yes, I was very interested when you said that AssaultCube has been orphaned for
a long time and knew that in github upstream there is a recent version of the
game where I decided that this game would be my first package that I will adopt.
I sent the updated game in the latest version.

Since this is my first package I am adopting, I think I would have a sponsor to
analyze and direct what is wrong or missing in the package, so I can fix it and
not aggressively criticize it.

All of my game packages are left as maintainers of the Debian Game team, so any
future package issues that the team can work with.

> You said "I don't think it's fair that a single (fondu) package thinks I
> don't have the skills to continue my work with packages that are in
> Debian, where you have never reviewed them." 1) I never said "you can't
> work with packages in Debian". I said "IMO you can't be DM for now",
> because you need to improve your skills. 2) I already reviewed your
> packages in Debian and a very recent upload was made by me". 3) fondu is
> a very simple package and I can use it to check if you have skills or
> not. Reading your recent RFS and the comments from other people also will
> help know your abilities.
> I have all packages uploaded in DebConf in my machine (around 25
> packages) and I would like to tell about fondu. You used around 6 hours
> (or more), in two days, working over this package[1] to make a simple
> update.  I remember that you asked me about some trivial issues in
> packaging. I told to you about a possible override (debian/rules) to
> solve a particular problem. After 2 hours trying you said me solved the
> problem using other way and show me a file renamed by you from
> debian/install to debian/install.links. I told you this file was
> impossible in packaging. So I told you the final solution, after a check
> in package. You fixed the problem, but forgot to change the changelog '*
> Renamed file "debian/install" to "debian/install.links".'. I asked to
> change it and some other inconsistent things. You sent the fondu for me 3
> times, after my comments about the package is not ready for upload. The
> dates are: 2019-07-19 22:05 -0300, 2019-07-20 18:43 -0300 and 2019-07-20
> 23:58 -0300.
> [1] The workshop was made, officially, in 3 days, during the first week
> of DebConf19. However, I was available all days in a room (B204 at day
> and Antonina, in hotel, at night) and several people that was students in
> workshop attended this room daily to make QA uploads.

I apologize for the poor understanding of English, but I am studying and soon I
will be better.

But I thought you were being very aggressive in your comments, as if I was a
useless person, and that the games I'm working with are not mine and that I will
hurt the Debian project.

In my opinion, such a person loses all my respect, no one leaves his place
leaving his family and his work for a distant event, where my desire is to gain
more knowledge of a personal hobby to contribute to Debian.
And then, when I make this DM request, I get criticism as horrible as a useless

And I repeat again, I apologize if I understand this way.

About the "fondu" package, I was not interested in doing so at that time. I was
interested in learning "autopkgtest", but later I was interested in packaging
orphan games. So much that I got to pack the "glpeces".

Since all my packages are new and I created them, it would be my first time
packaging existing orphaned software in Debian.

Unfortunately, it was a mistake on my part not to talk to you in private, who
knows that this horrible act we are having would be the opposite.

> I would like to see one more Brazilian as DM (I am Brazilian too), but it
> is not possible now.

I will not comment on that part, I mentioned what I think. And I apologize if I
get it wrong.

> Conclusion: I worked recently with Carlos and I need to be honest with
> Debian Project and keep my opinion: I disagree with his candidature to
> become a DM. I am sure that he has several difficulties to maintain his
> own packages (see also all RFS's comments to confirm it).

I didn't want it to be like that, I think a comment like this gets tarnished for
a long time and will hardly be accepted again. Therefore, it is able to not
continue with what I like and do other work with games outside the Debian


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