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Re: Clément Hermann: Application Manager report

> This might be unorthodox, so I'm spelling it out here: I was a
> "non-advocate" for Clément¹ (this is, I said I would have advocated
> him if I had done technical work in Debian with him). FrontDesk
> assigned him to me during DebConf, so that the process would be
> expedited, and suggested us to talk face-to-face regarding Clément's
> technical work, and keep a mail registry only about the P&P parts,
> which we did.
> ¹ https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20190721125049.GB15372@mosca.iiec.unam.mx
> I completely stand by what I said. Clément is an active member of the
> Go and Perl teams. He has also been part of the Tails distribution, a
> privacy-oriented Debian derivative, for a long time.
> He described to me the work he has been doing to get important
> server/VM orchestration technologies (we prominently talked about lxd)
> properly in Debian. He mentioned several "interesting" issues when
> doing so.
> I spent some time going through the bugs he has interacted with. He
> very often provides either a full answer, or good technical insight in
> them.
> So, without further ado, I completely agree and subscribe that Clément
> Hermann <nodens@nodens.org> can and should indeed be a Debian
> Developer, uploading, right now.
> Gunnar Wolf (via nm.debian.org)
> For details and to comment, visit https://nm.debian.org/process/627
Thanks again Gunnar, for your kind words.

And thanks, especially, for making this process a pleasure to go
through; to the point I regret we're not in Curitiba anymore so we could
discuss some fine points about bad licences and how to handle them with
real word example - along with some kind of nice bererage. Preferably
beer, but cachaça would be accepted!
…Ok, I'm sure we would find more interesting stuff to talk about in such
circonstances. But that was unexpectedly fun, and I can only wish every
applicant to have such a nice AM process.

And in this e-mail I'd also like to publicly thank everyone who
encouraged me, before, during, or after my declaration of intention - or
Gunnar's report, proving once again how fine a community Debian can be.
I really appreciated that, and it gives me even more reasons to want to
be part of it! :)


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