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Re: Alban Vidal: Application Manager report

Le jeudi 20 juin 2019 à 17:42:57-0000, Gunnar Wolf a écrit :
> Six months ago, I was assigned to be Alban's AM. If the process
> took this long, it's because I have been too busy and often took
> up to a month in answering to his mails.
> Alban's work as part of the Web team (French L10N( is good and
> recognized by other members. And although Alban is a technical person
> and manages way more complex installs than I do, he is choosing to be
> a non-uploading DD because his area of action does not need greater
> privileges — Understanding and agreeing to the "Principle of Least
> Authority" is great!
> Throughout our interview process, while Alban's answers were not
> always perfect at the first try, he clearly understood all of the
> needed points. Alban displays a clear understanding of the Debian
> philosophy, and can interact with all of the important bits of the
> project we mentioned.
> I agree with the advocates, Alban Vidal can and should be a Debian
> Developer (non-uploading, per his request) right now.

Wheeeeeeee \o/

Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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