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Re: RFC: i18n rework of nm.d.o

Hello Mattia,

> I don't know what are your agreements with Enrico, so I'll drop random
> hints coming from my (little) experience of nm2 "hacking".

there are no special agreements with Enrico, he 'just' was fixing some
things so the l10n stuff was usable again. Before his adjustments
clicking on some language in the footer did not have any effect. So far
I remember that commit was doing the main trick.


> This is weird.  With the default development configuration, running
> `./manage.py runserver` runs the django app faking all accesses are done
> by a user named `enrico` that is superuser and have all possible rights
> you can imagine.

To be honest, I haven't tried that as I was under the impression to use
my account name here. O.k. I'll use this setting.

>  You are not seeing that?

Now I'm using the original setting from nm2/local_settings.py I see

> enrico-guest@users.alioth.debian.org (not known to this site yet) claim account

on the top right side. I don't see any more option or visible thing that
let me think I'm locally have higher rights. But maybe I'm simply don't
know what to look for.

> From there you could just create extra accounts through the django
> admin interface

I can open the admin site, but now I'm searching for the login data ... :)

> and give them the rights you want them to have
> (either different status, or to make one AM you need to click "make
> AM" in their profile page).
Exactly this I don't see in any overview for persons which are an DD. I
tend to think that some particular bit is still missing.

> I don't remember if the json export you get from 
> https://nm.debian.org/am/db-export contains the rights of the users
> (the AMs in particular I'm not sure) in this regard.
>> I don't think the current state is ready for merging so I hereby
>> requesting some additional testing from other people and also some
>> comments if needed.
> IMHO you should see if you could split the changes in smaller batches
> and provide MRs for the mergable bits (and even for the non-mergable
> ones, just mark them as WIP).

Well, yes of course I could split this more into peaces. Where to start
and what peaces needed to stay together? I already have tried to only
commit the changes within one file.
I'm not sure if it's useful to split this all into very small chunks as
for checking you *always* need to update the po file to see the WebUI
with translated strings.

>  It usually helps a lot on having
> smaller chunks to review, so reviewers aren't scared off (I could review
> small/obvious bits, for big/huge/non-obvious changes you pretty much
> need to wait for only enrico…)

Hmm, for now I'm fine to wait a few more days to hear the objections
that Enrico will have for sure (I'm also away for the rest of the week
again ...).
But thanks for feedback!

Carsten Schoenert

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