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Re: Holger Wansing: Declaration of intent

Hi Holger & everyone,

On Sat, Aug 04, 2018 at 08:54:51PM -0000, Holger Wansing wrote:
> Hi, I would like to change my DD status to uploading DD. As my 
> biography already says, I would like to work on documentation packages. 
> Additionally, I have volunteered to take over the role of something
> like a l10n coordinator for the debian-installer. Since bubulle stepped
> back from that role, the d-i team is lacking persons for uploading d-i
> packages with l10n changes. That's why I want to receive upload rights.

yay, awesome!

while I haven't worked directly with Holger, I'm aware of his great and
constant work since at least 2005, when I (at that time h01ger-guest on alioth)
asked him (at that time holger-guest on alioth...) whether I could become
holger@d.o to which he kindly agreed, saying that he would never become 
a DD as he was "only" interested in doing translation work... ;) 

Back then I haven't really followed his work *much* as I was never involved in
German translations (and thus mostly saw the results of his work on the
debian-boot@ list) but in recent years he has become *much* more active
on d-i (as he describes above) and thus I've now also seen very nice
work on improving and maintaining existing d-i scripts, coordinating
translations, all while being very friendly and considerate.

So, as I was very happy when he applied for non-uploading DD in the
past, I'm now even more glad to see he wants to further increase his
contributions to d-i and Debian and step up to also do more technical work.

I also believe he has the skills and mindset to become an uploading DD right
now, but I will leave it to KiBi to formally advocate him, as KiBi is
the one to better judge this and to deal with any potential fall-out
anyway ;) (not that I expect any, I'm quite very convinced Holger will
handle things with great care.)

Many thanks for all work, Holger & keep up the fun & exploring new areas
to contribute! :)



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