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William Blough: Application Manager report

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For nm.debian.org, at 2018-06-28:

William Blough <devel@blough.us>[1] (Bill) and me walked through his New
Member process together. We exchanged quite some mails and did both P&P
and T&S. Bill showed a great understanding of the Debian ecosystem, decent
belief in the F/LOSS idea and he definitely has the required technical
skills to become a full member of Debian. He already maintains packages
since 2013, one of them being xerces-c - a widely used XML parser library.
All his packages are in good shape.

It's my opinion as his AM that William Blough <devel@blough.us> can and
should indeed be a Debian Developer, uploading right now.

William's biography (shortened by me)

I'm in the US. [...] currently live in a small town a couple of hours
drive north of Orlando (and Disney World).

I didn't really find Debian until around 2000.  I had pre-ordered an
in-dash MP3 player for the car (the empeg, in case you've heard of it).
It ran Debian (potato, at the time, I think), and I knew I wanted to be
able to hack on it.  So I downloaded Debian and installed it as a
multi-boot with my Windows system, so I could figure out to use it, and
then figure out how to get a cross-compiler toolchain working (it ran

I wasn't really into F/LOSS at that point - I just knew that I could
download Debian for free, and make changes to things.  But over time, I
started to use Debian more and more, and Windows less and less.  [...] By
that point, I was beginning to understand the value in open source
software, but maybe didn't quite understand how free software was


Over time, I came to understand how free software was different from
open source, and came to believe that being free was more important than
just being open.  I think that's one of the reasons I've stayed with
Debian all of these years, rather than moving off to some other
distribution.  GNU/Linux is great in general, but software freedom


In 2013, I tried to adopt an orphaned package that I used at work, but
couldn't find a sponser after several months.  It was very disheartening
to see my RFS autoclosed because mentors had purged the package that I
uploaded due to it being too old.  Quite frankly, I almost gave up.  But
not long after, another package that I use at work was RFA'd.  So I
tried to adopt that one, and had much better luck.  I realize now that I
could have found other ways to contribute, but at the time it seemed
like the expected path was to adopt a package.

Anyway, that was how I started contributing. Today I maintain 4
packages: xalan, xerces-c, soci, and passwordsafe.


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 jonas (mejo@debian.org)


Jonas Meurer (via nm.debian.org)

For details and to comment, visit https://nm.debian.org/process/483

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