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Re: Bug#889616: nm.debian.org: please block DM applications until the key requirements are satisfied

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 07:00:41PM +0100, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:

> > <dons keyring-maint hat>Let's be clear, the only rejected UID I recall
> > recently was someone applying for DM status who had added an @debian.org
> > email address to their key which they had no entitlement to.</doffs
> > keyring-maint hat>
> There also was one with an UID with a completely different name from the
> others (I don't remember if that one was rejected by you or just frowned
> upon but later approved).

For the record, I have no problems with pseudonyms.

> > At the moment there is no requirement on Front Desk to get involved in a
> > process before it's been confirmed that an applicant has an advocate and
> > is ready to progress in their application. Your proposal would instead
> > require that Front Desk get involved at the start of any process and
> > prevent any action until they had done so. That pushes the up front work
> > from a large pool of potentials (the advocates) to a small, overworked
> > team (Front Desk).
> Well, they already have to, to approve the key.
> Yes, this would block the processes until that (quite critical) part of
> the process is not cleared.

I like the idea that a process collects advocacies and statements of
intent before key requirements are satisfied. When a process shows up in
the AM dashboard with all requirements satisfied except key signatures,
ideally someone from Front Desk can realise that there are indeed people
who'd like to have that person become DM, and then try and help getting
signatures, like by asking where one lives, if one can move, mailing
-private asking for help, and so on.

That's the ideal thing. There's the problem that currently there seem to
be not enough people in Front Desk to do that. If the latter can be
solved, that'd be wonderful. If Front Desk cannot easily be restaffed,
I'd reevaluate the big picture of how to enter Debian in view of that.


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