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Re: Teus Benschop: Declaration of intent

On Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 10:56:22AM -0800, teusjannette@gmail.com wrote:
> Thank you for all the comments on my application for DM.
> The number of packages I have worked on so far is six.
> How many packages would I need to have worked on, more or less, to be
> considered experienced enough for becoming a DM?

There is no hard number for becoming DM or DD or whatever.  IMHO is more
about showing enough experience overall, and in your case that's
probably true enough for you to become DM.

Just, your application is for DD, not for DM!

> You are correct that there's a bug report that showed I didn't know how to
> operate BTS by email.
> That is true.
> What happened after that is that my mentor taught me about this system, I
> read up everything about it, and now I know how it works.

That's good.  I think knowing how to interact with the bug tracking
system is essential to any package maintainer.

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